Taylor GS Mini Acoustic Guitar Review: Big Sound in a Compact Frame

Taylor GS Mini Acoustic Guitar Review: Big Sound in a Compact Frame

Taylor’s GS Mini condenses the acclaimed Taylor playing experience into a conveniently compact, travel-ready acoustic. Impressively, its smaller size does not sacrifice the full-bodied Taylor tone or buttery playability expected from the brand. After extensive testing, the GS Mini proves itself a versatile, portable powerhouse suited to guitarists of all levels.

Overview and First Impressions

Visually, the Grand Symphony-inspired GS Mini resembles a Taylor shrunken subtly in every dimension. The scaled-down body with sloped shoulders fits snugly against the player. Build quality and appointments live up to Taylor’s reputation for meticulous craftsmanship.

In hand, the GS Mini feels comfortably lightweight and balanced. The neck carves into Taylor’s signature smooth contour. Fret ends felt smoothly finished with ideal action and spot-on intonation out of the box. From first strum, the GS Mini resonated with that unmistakable Taylor chime.

Body Construction

True to Taylor ethos, the GS Mini utilizes tone-enhancing design elements like their patented NT neck system and relief rout for natural resonance. The layered sapele back and sides offer focused warmth while the solid Sitka spruce top provides crispness.

Despite the diminutive size, clever bracing and body geometry allow impressive volume and sustain. Gorgeous appointments like the faux tortoiseshell pickguard and maple binding reflect Taylor’s fine craftsmanship. The smaller body remains sleekly comfortable in any playing position.

Sound and Tone

With its resonant woods and Taylor bracing, the GS Mini delivers tones comparable to full-size models. The bright spruce top projects with shimmering clarity while the sapele provides focused low-end punch.

Single notes and leads shine with bell-like articulation. Chords ring out with full Taylor harmonic character rather than the confined boxyness some travel acoustics exhibit. From intricate fingerpicking to aggressive strumming, the GS Mini responds dynamically across styles.

Playability and Feel

Extending Taylor’s famed playability to a compact frame, the GS Mini’s slim taper neck allows effortlessly smooth transitions anywhere along the fretboard. The shorter 23.5” scale facilitates easy forming of first position chords.

The slim 1.68” nut width fits small hands comfortably while retaining enough room for fingerstyle. Combined with the smooth satin finish and ideal setup, the GS Mini plays with buttery ease right out of its backpack-ready gig bag.

Hardware and Electronics

The Mini simplifies Taylor’s ES2 electronics to a single volume knob and discrete built-in tuner, providing plug-and-play convenience. The undersaddle pickup naturally amplifies the Mini’s acoustic voice for amplified playing.

Quality Gotoh butterbean tuners keep the Mini holding tune accurately even through transport. The synthetic bone nut and Micarta saddle optimize string resonance. Along with the Urban Ash neck, these components aim for organic acoustic purity.

Pros and Cons Summary


  • Impressive volume and tone for compact size
  • Retains Taylor playability and craftsmanship
  • Lightweight and comfortable on the shoulder
  • ES2 pickup provides natural amplified sound


  • Lacks electronics tuner of full-size models
  • Difficult to amplify in loud band settings
  • Short scale less ideal for fingerstyle

Conclusion and Rating

For Taylor’s signature sound and playing feel anywhere you roam, the innovative GS Mini delivers. It truly provides the best of both worlds - compact travel-ready design without sacrificing full-bodied acoustic tone. The exemplary construction and amplified convenience justify the premium price for guitarists wanting the highest-quality portable instrument. For these reasons, the Taylor GS Mini earns our highest recommendation.

Overall Rating: 5/5 Stars